Using Restorative Back Up

Welcome to my blog.  What a week its been.  On Thursday last week I flew up to Nelson  to be with my daughter Ella and grandson Lucas ( 4 months old)  who was struggling to breathe and feed as he had a respiratory infection and was admitted to hospital. I was starting to feel somewhat anxious and concerned for his well being.  So in all the chaos and confusion to running around catching a plane, packing and re-scheduling appointments and taking care of family at home.
How do you stay calm when adrenalin is rushing through your veins?
I thought for a moment that day when I turned on my favourite meditation clip, that when all is turmoil and chaos how do I expect other people to consider mediation or any relaxation technique?
Many clients or students say to me, I’m so busy at work or I never get time way from the children etc etc. When my mind was now flashing thoughts a million miles an hour and now I was expecting me to sit for 5 mins to gather myself!  Yeah right, I heard myself say.    But I did..
Well it worked.  Amazing.. Just 5 – 10 mins to centre, gather my thoughts and step forward to the challenge ahead. It didn’t change any of the circumstances that were in place, but what it did do was take me out of entering into the equation of fluster I was creating for myself.  It brought me back to a knowing within, a spark of light that connects me to the the Creator.  My life’s experiences, held in that bubble of faith within, that I could rely on to take me through without feeling lost in emotions.

We have an amazing ability for any restorative physical, emotional, mental or spiritual depletion. Learning to listen to our body takes practice. Stepping back and looking after oneself first in whatever way, means you can be running at full tank instead of half..
*Baby Lucas is home now and recovering.*  Many thanks for your support from the local kindergarten, family and friends xx

Have a great week