The Veils between our Worlds

What can we do to maximize the benefits of the fountain of energy that filters in from the Universe?

On a global level the consciousness of humanity is lifting to a higher vibration.
In fact people acknowledge that we all have an ability to sense in some way or another.   As we become a higher vibrational being then the veils between the worlds become thinner.

Back to the question above.
If we consider certain virtues such as Tolerance, Gratitude, Love, Understanding, Acceptance, to say a few.  In our everyday life, circumstances bring about ways in which we can deepen our level of understanding.  That is to say that I could be a pretty tolerant person toward others but need to learn tolerance in other areas like traffic jams.
Each particular virtue has many underlying entities for each of us to master.  You’ll find that repeated behaviour patterns will keep emerging to teach us the different aspects of each virtue so we can embrace all that it has to offer.

It is through attaining certain virtues the veils between the dimensions will lower. Its like an initiation. It enriches our lives on this dimension and lifts our vibration to become more fluid within the spiritual realms.
Work on issues or fears that may hold you back from going beyond any boundaries.
Reinforce self worth, connection to our Divine, nurture yourself, have acceptance and consideration for others and bring it on!

.Have a great week