Welcome to my page.  I’d like to introduce an inspiration that has navigated itself, through a pathway of intuitive insights.  The concept of “The Sacred Journey” is being aware of the consciousness, for the unborn child. 

With my own seven birth experiences and those of my grandchildren I have some understanding to other expectant mothers and fathers.

Choosing the right support around you and being well informed, gives you confidence in making decisions for yourself and baby.   Being harmonious with the changes during pregnancy can help align yourself with the natural processes that occur.

The Sacred Journey e-book is about the influences on your baby during the physical formation within the womb, through the power of positive thought. It has been proven that positive affirmations can have an effect on your health and well-being.  In addition, that positive affirmations, thoughts, feelings and emotions have an effect on the DNA.  More people are becoming exceptionally aware of their own sensitivity and of their children. They have a deeper understanding, and ability to connect with their inner wisdom or profound intuitive abilities.  That, their expression is somewhat different in nature. Some seem far beyond their years.

My Mission Statement
To be the one holding space for the mother and consciousness of the to-be-born child.
My Philosophy
I believe that your birth journey is unique to you.
I believe that a woman has a natural ability to give birth instinctively utilizing her own intuition.
I believe that by creating an environment, where you feel safe and supported through your pregnancy and labour, will give you a higher chance to promote a natural delivery.
I believe it is important that no matter what direction the birth takes, that you feel empowered and positive about your birth experience.
The Sacred Journey – A Mindful Shift to Authenticity.
In 2016 I designed a 3 day course
An updated version will be offered later in 2017.
This explores:
the effects of thought, feelings and emotions on the developing baby in the womb,
which influences our journey through life.
The manual is presented as a worksheet to note your progress and practical
exercises to reflect with the class.
You will intuitively travel across time and space to bring healing and closure to discover your authentic self.
Birth is profound in the mastery of transformation from spiritual essence through the portal of interconnectedness,
to the physical realm.
It brings a shift to defining who we are, a sense of belonging and of what we can achieve.
This course gives us an opportunity of changing our future and healing the past.
“I was fortunate to meet with Sarndra with her daughter Ella’s last two births. Sarndra had a wonderful calming influence on her daughter pre labour and in labour. She gave lots of positive affirmations for Ella to draw strength from. Sarndra guided her daughter whilst giving birth competently assisting to birth her grandson which all progressed very quickly. She has a wonderful positive presence, which will empower many future mothers to birth feeling well supported. I wish Sarndra well with her new healing path. ”

Janice Hayes – Midwife.

If you would like to know what I can offer you, contact me today on 021 826 672 or 03 339 6406.