My personal experience

Hi there,   Welcome to this weeks update

How often do we avoid or sabotage something for our highest good? This past week I set to task on writing more on the concept of the new birth technique.  Well the first part of the week I  triggered something deep within me regarding the help and support during my own birth deliveries. Each one so different to the other and the circumstances of my life at the time.
I have mentioned before that I was fortunate to have a wonderful midwife for 5 of my births which I am truly grateful for, but this was a little deeper.
Issues also related to the experiences and how I coped thereafter as a mother. I was in a judgement state of mind without taking consideration to many other factors. Most importantly  I needed to acknowledge and clear the energy held within so I could move forward. This is what I discovered I required from myself.

Forgiveness..  Having forgiveness was enormous.  That the younger mother I was then is so different to the mother that I am today.

Compassion:  That the younger me was not rejected or resented by myself for the lack of experience

Wisdom:  That the journey of motherhood is unique with many blessings of discovery of who I really am

Acceptance:  That if not for the experiences, I would not be who I am today

Humility:  That  I have an understanding of growth by learning through experience and a desire to help others

With much gratitude to have the Creators definition of these certainly put things into perspective.
As mothers we grow and learn from our experiences.
Have a great week, talk soon