The Labyrinth

I was inspired through meditation and dream to create a Labyrinth in our garden.  With the helping hand from Dave,we built the symbol, being mindful of certain elements for construction from Spirit. A sacred prayer ritual was held for the opening on 4th April 2015.  We have since spent our time planting around and amongst the stones.
It has a powerful energy anchored into the physical plane to bring inspiration and a sense of inner peace.  Some of the content within the Sacred Moment concept, (currently in process) has originated from the meditational practice and use.

In short:  This geometrical archetype dates back thousands of years in history, its origins from Egypt and Crete (an island in the Mediterranean) are as mysterious as its use. It has been sewn into basketry and clothing, etched on walls and built onto floors of Cathedrals.
The Labyrinth is a powerful tool, helping to quieten the mind and allowing time for personal reflection. The ancient art of walking or tracing with your fingers of the Labyrinth can balance the two hemispheres of the brain, awaken knowledge encoded within the DNA and align to the Universe. Symbolic of birth, a metaphor to use for prayer, meditation and healing. Labyrinths are temples that enhance, balance and bring a sense of sacred – a place where we can confirm our unity with the cosmos, awaken our vital force and elevate our consciousness.

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