Personal Sessions                   [ Course Testimonials below ]

Thank you so much for your lovely Skype healing session.  It had been about 2 years since my last one.  It was actually easier to chat to you from the comfort of my own home – and to not have to go anywhere to have the session, or to have to rush off after the session, instead I was able to stay home and reflect.

I really needed some guidance about different issues this time.  I was totally stuck in a negative mindset and honestly could not see my way out.  However after a session with you I felt a complete softening of my energy.  All the energy I had put into being angry and resentful was turned around into seeing things from the other persons point of view.  Amazing!  Thank you!

Your ability to connect is by no means diluted by not being face to face, infact this second session has for me been more powerful than the first and shown instant results which I was not expecting.  I knew straight away that things had shifted and I cannot thank you enough for your help.  Extremely powerful stuff and I have been recommending you to all my nearest and dearest.  So many thanks once again.

Lots of love Naomi ***   2015

Sarndra has helped me shift deeply embedded thought patterns from childhood that were at the heart of my relationship difficulties. After a sudden separation from my partner, I worked with Sarndra to uncover the root causes of the grief I was experiencing. Over the next few months, I was able to uncover childhood feelings of separation and isolation related to a traumatic medical intervention at eighteen months.

Having Sarndra to walk with me through these experiences, to point to the love that was already present in my life, she nurtured the awareness that letting go of suffering is a choice we all have. Until I met Sarndra, I had no idea that change could be so profound and so simple. She is a genuinely compassionate healer, who fears nothing in the human condition.

Maari, Dunedin  2015

I recently visited Sarndra for a session due to a relationship  ending
which I wasn’t coping with. Before I went to see Sarndra I was very
emotional, had no direction and was completely  shattered and drained.
The session was totally amazing, as a Theta practitioner and teacher I have
experienced many healings but this was so very profound and instant it
completely amazed me.
I felt empowered, strong, had goals I suddenly  knew I wanted to achieve
and most exciting I had direction. I even became organized which is
something I’ve never had.
Sarndra has such a beautiful  supportive energy to be around I felt safe and
able to express myself fully. I’m so very thankful to Sarndra and Creator
for helping me through a very challenging time. As the days pass I feel
stronger more empowered and excited  about my new journey.

Sue B , Timaru,  2014

“Dealing with Sarndra was so easy and she answered all of my questions over the phone, that I was excited about my session and came prepared with 6 questions.
As soon as I got home I noticed straight away that our house was much more full of joy and laughter.  I felt a lot lighter and able to deal more easily with the everyday dramas that come up. The most amazing thing to come out of it was subsequent phone call to my mother… usually so fraught with unspoken hurt it went very smoothly and we laughed and talked like a “normal” mother/daughter should.  I thought that was absolutely a testament to the work of Sarndra and ThetaHealing™
Thank you so much Sarndra, I got so much from the session and would certainly recommend you to my friends and have been doing so!

Naomi, Tasman, 2013

“The recent healing from Sarndra was magical.  She dived right into the core of the issue and gave me such clarity as to why a condition was bothering me.  After discussing the issues with me, Sarndra gave me a beautiful healing, did some adjustments, and since then I’ve been able to do some shifts at my end with positive results”.
“Not fully understanding why something is there, created a stress in me that kept the problem there.  Once I understood it more clearly, had the healing, it immediately alleviated to a manageable level.”
“Sarndra, your healings are pure unconditional love, filled with pure understanding, compassion and non-judgement.  Thank you”

Sue Y, Canterbury,

“I was fortunate to have a healing session with Sarndra in July 2013.  I was very skeptical and only agreed to it because of Sarndra’s generous offer.  At Easter 2013 I fell off a horse and ended up in hospital with a broken ankle.  My ankle healed yet I still had pain and a real deep sense of fear about falling off my newly bought horse.  Sarndra was very kind and gentle as she worked with me and I went along with it while doubting it all the way.”
“Within a few days my ankle was no longer giving me pain and I stopped hobbling, and I don’t know when it happened but the fear of falling left and I became confident and sure about riding with no fear.  Thank you Sarndra for the healing that you gave me even as I doubted you.  You were a real blessing.”

Sandie, Nelson, 2013

“I had an amazing session with Sarndra. Through it, she made me feel comfortable and safe. I believe that she helped bring understanding to some issues in my life which has made me feel stronger in my understanding of myself. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance”

Kalyesha, Waikato 2013

“I’ve had both the pleasure and the blessing of working with Sarndra. Her kind, warm, and loving energy creates a safe and positive environment. She is also highly intuitive and insightful. In one session with Sarndra, we uncovered something that I’ve been working on with other healers for years. I’m see tangible differences in my daily life and feel very blessed for the experience of working together. I highly recommend Sarndra!”

Tova, NYC, USA – Via Skype

Course Testimonials

DNA 3: This class is about expansion and self-awareness in the universe as a one of the whole. Expansion in knowledge, abilities and awareness.  Its so different to the other classes, its creative and effective at changing perspective and vibrational being.

Nikita, Leeston

DNA 3: Feels as though the God-like presence in us has been brought out more on a higher vibrational level.  Enabling one to see past the ‘mere mortal’ of others.

Alison, Ashburton

Planes of Existence: “What a wonderful experience to be able to share in Sarndra’s Planes of Existence Class!  Sarndra’s teaching is filled with her deep connection and love for the Creator of All That Is.  She presents her students with a profound and inspiring sense of connection to their learning. I came away in complete awe of how truly amazing these classes with Sarndra are, and can highly recommend her intuitive sensitivity and style of teaching.

Sue, Oxford

Basic DNA 2:  Feb 2016

“Since taking this course there has been a shift within me. I notice my thoughts more and acknowledge without judgement. Then proceed to give myself Theta and move on. This course will change your life. You will not be the same ever again. Looking forward to May to do the  Advanced Course”

Amy, Queenstown.

Basic DNA 2 course has been wonderful, each of the 3 days informative and exciting.  It was all lovely (food was lovely).  Knowing and accepting myself and following my belief in healing.  A lovely teacher and pleasant approach.  Easy to talk with.”

Lorraine, Ashburton,

Basic DNA 2: “The course was interesting and inspiring.  I didn’t think it was that easy to clear stuff out!  It was greatly beneficial to me, would go so far as to say life changing for the fact that my lifelong headache has gone.  My most enjoyable part of the class was learning the going up process.  Watching Creator doing their thing.  Sharing thoughts and feelings with others to get to the root of problems.  Sarndra’s beautiful and vivacious personality.  Great food!  Supportive environment.”

Alison, Ashburton,

Intuitive Anatomy:  “Sarndra, thank you for the most amazing journey of self.  This course has allowed me to release so many limiting beliefs that I have held on to for many years, lifetimes even.  You are the most amazing teacher & I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to move forward.  It is life changing, I feel so much lighter & clearer and am excited about what the future has to offer me as a ThetaHealer”
Love & Light

Monica, Canterbury, 2014

Intuitive Anatomy really opened my eyes to the potential of the universal energy of creation. The personal growth I’ve achieved in a few weeks has been phenomenal.  I have re-connected with my body and have an understanding now that I’ve never had before.  Thank you so much Sarndra”

Nikita, Canterbury 2014

Intuitive Anatomy:  The course opens up so much of ourselves that we hide from.  Releasing our fears and blockages brings a beautiful flow into all areas of our lives.
Thank you Sarndra for providing me the opportunity to release mt constraints in such a caring and supportive environment.

Alison, Canterbury 2015


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