Sharing a Sacred Moment of Birth

Exciting news with the birth of our new grand daughter Mayley.  I’d like to share with you this week my insights.

IMG_3200From early on in the pregnancy, Amy asked if I’d support and assist with her labour.  She made a choice not to attend ante-natal classes.  As the concept of my writing which I’ll call for now ‘The Sacred Moment’ unfolded, it became clear to me that all of my experiences in childbirth were very much a part of the nature of content for the book inspired from Spirit.

We’d talk about the consciousness of their baby and at each trimester address the growth stages and relevant information for the pregnancy.  Both Amy and Ryland were very much aware of their energy and their influence on the baby in the womb.

Having confidence with their planning, they also were aware of the importance of those attending the birth.  They were able to make informed decisions to create a peaceful, loving environment for their baby to enter the world.

What unfolded before my eyes was beautiful.  In the early stages of labour we stayed at home and it gave us the opportunity to take some really nice before photos. We’d planned for me to take progressive ones for the labour and birth.

Once they were settled into the hospital and labour was underway and getting stronger they took on a natural synthesis of going through the contractions together.  At one stage their union of focused thought brought tears to my eyes. They were both fantastic.  Amy was very much listening to her body and open to allow the natural course of labour to unfold.

The joyous moments of birth will be cherished forever, for myself and Amy’s parents who were present it brings a very deep, connective, soulful experience.  Much gratitude and blessings to all.