Rainbow Children

Applicable to children, teens and young adults


Rainbow Children are intuitively gifted, loving souls, that have memories of other times and places.  They possess an awareness and sensitivity of other peoples feelings and are compassionate with a deep understanding and wisdom.  They have the ability to change the world around them.

These seminars are designed to help validate and nurture individuals who are intuitively gifted.  This class is specifically designed to cater for different age groups.  You will  learn the ThetaHealing™ technique and discover how to do belief work, create positive feelings, empathic readings, guided meditations, future and guardian angel readings in a safe environment.

Through the Seven Planes of Existence students will learn wonderful ways to communicate with angels and plants; how to heal with crystals; how to connect to power animals; drumming and totems, plus develop an ability to communicate with plants & animals.

Investment:  Prices vary, please enquire for your specific need.

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