One on One Sessions


One on One Sessions

If you would like some direction or clarity with a personal situation then a good place to start is with a one hour session.  Having an intention on what it is you wish to cover during the hour is beneficial.

We have layers within our auric field and a blockage may present itself in various ways through our emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual body.  These can relate to beliefs on levels within our subconscious mind that may be holding us back from moving forward.

What to expect during the session

From the time of making your appointment with me, an energy shift begins.  It may be quite subtle to notice.
Once we’ve sat down,  I’ll share with you anything that I may have sensed before your arrival.  It may be confirmation of what is happening or it may help to start things off.  I focus by connecting to the Creative Energy first.  That way I can sense or feel a direction of what underlying issues may be holding you back.
By connecting to the Creative Energy, I use my intuition to show me. I’m an experiential learner also, so the senses can attune to feel others on a empathetic level. I ask for guidance to be shown energies of past, present or future. These may include loved ones, angels and guides.
Its an interactive session so allow what thoughts or feelings to present themselves.
Bringing an awareness to the conscious state gives your own mind time to accept a change or to make decisions for yourself.
If there is a physical ailment or an emotional, mental, spiritual block surprisingly the bottom beliefs can be related to something different entirely. The ThetaHealing™ technique is a simple effective method to bring change on a molecular level.

You may notice a shift of energy. Our body has millions of cells that hold the memory of all that we are, so I like to recommend  a period of 2 – 3 sleep cycles for the body to process the new energy received.
After three days you’ll receive a courtesy follow up phone call to ask how you are and answer questions that may have risen.


Phone & Skype

If you’d like to have a Phone or Skype session please contact me by email or phone to arrange a suitable appointment time.

Payment is required 24 hours in advance for skype appointments

If you would like to know what I can offer you, contact me today on

021 826 672