Manifesting & Abundance

What do you consider would be the ultimate dream that would give you a sense of fulfilment?  Do you feel there’s something holding you back from achieving your goals?  Our thoughts, statements and  actions reflect in what we are manifesting in our life right now.  So, is what you are manifesting in your life, to your benefit?

If we say “I am poor, you will be.  However if we hold a positive mind set that “I am financially abundant, you will be. Recognising the patterns that we have created in our life can bring many surprises in this 2 day class.

First you must decide what it is you want in your life.  This Seminar uses a questionnaire to assist you in finding the blocks that are in the way of you achieving your dreams.
Using the ThetaHealing™ technique, connecting to the Creator of All that Is, you will be able to discover a way to work through by the process of digging, change, set out your intentions and create ideas to achieve your desired goals.

This is not all about money but rather a universal tool to bring abundance into all areas of your life.

The ThetaHealing™ Manifesting and Abundance seminar covers:
• How blocks on abundance are seldom about money
• Manifesting from the Seventh Plane

• Remove your blocks
• Divine timing
• Remembering your future
• See your future
• How to create your future from the Seventh Plane
• Bless your money

Investment: NZ $520 (early bird discount: $460 if enrolled and deposit paid within 21 days of start date)

Deposit: $120

Class time: 9am – 5pm

Course material includes: Manual, Manifesting & Abundance CD by Vianna Stibal, Certificate on completion.  Morning/Afternoon Tea provided.

Please bring your own lunch

Prerequisite: Basic & Advanced Practitioners Certificate



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