Living In The Now Takes On Another Meaning

The universe is immense from the perception of our physical being. If we look at the night sky it seems the universe is limitless.
Far beyond our reach.
Though it’s not uncommon to hear reference that the Universe or Creative Energy is within us.
It is believed that a moment of time or a thought can travel at an incredible rate of speed.
So how do we make sense of that?
Do we measure distance by this perception?
I believe we measure dreams, desires or motivations with time and distance.
Living in the now seems to take on another meaning.
That it is not ‘beyond’ for us to reach the destination or the passage of journey.
It already is.
I use the phrases in reference to our discovery of spiritual enlightenment.
Our physical body gives us the sense of distance or passage, though, without the physical body, our spirit becomes one with All That Is.
Then there would be no reason to imagine we need to move toward a destination or journey of self, as we are already there.
This gives us an illusion that we are striving toward a greater purpose. Or for some of us, takes the illusion away and allows us to have already accomplished or succeeded.
This may help a person who feels they never achieve or quite get there.
If we remove this perception, it takes away the feeling of it being beyond our capabilities or reach.
The here and now – past, present and future inter-connect simultaneously without the need to measure.
We are already with One. You’re already there.
Be in peace and content with who you are.