Intuitive Insights Come When you Least Expect

Recently Dave and I were sitting in a restaurant in Cambridge waiting for some friends to arrive.  We’d had a busy day at the Feildays and ready to relax for the evening.  A group of people walked in and went to an empty table to sit, but the waitress had to tell them that unfortunately the tables were all reserved for the night, and they left.  A few minutes later the waitress realised that the woman had left her handbag over the back of a chair and went running out the door to see if they were next door dining, but they had gone.

I motioned to the waitress and without much thought I said  “I really think you need to open the bag and find her phone in there.  Ring her husband’s number as I they won’t realise the bag missing until they reach their destination.  It will be too late by then as they are heading to the airport and not coming back.”  Well, I know what its like to leave jackets or bags of shopping behind!

The waitress stopped by our table a little later and said.  “You’ll never guess what?  I did what you told me to do and got the Manager to watch over me while I looked for her phone and when I rang, the woman said she was heading to the airport to catch a plane to Sydney!”
She had enough time to turn back and come and fetch her bag. What a happy ending there.
She must have had a Guardian Angel watching over her, who whispered in my ear.
The moral of my story, from this experience is that whenever, or wherever, I always give thanks.

It’s great when “good fortune’ comes our way.  By having gratitude for the Divine helps to  keep our ego in place.
It also teaches our brain to recognise and know when our intuition is right.
If you are strengthening you psychic abilities give thanks for getting it right.
If you get it wrong forget it, don’t allow it to come into your mind.
Train the brain to know what it is to be right and it will help to enhance your awareness a great deal.
Thank you Creator.
Have a wonderful week