New Zealand and International Hosting

Become an Instructor

Vianna Stibal, Internationally renowned  founder of the ThetaHealing™ technique, teaches in many countries of the world. If you are considering becoming a qualified teacher checkout Vianna’s schedule at thetahealing.com for a location near you.  Teaching has many benefits, each time is different and you expand your learning along with the Practitioners with their insights and wisdom.
It also gives you the opportunity to work through the courses with Vianna’s love and support. Being in the presence of Vianna herself is an honour to have such an astounding Teacher who has dedicated herself to share her knowledge.

International Hosting

I feel very fortunate to have travelled internationally to qualify to teach the technique of ThetaHealing™.  Being open to learning through others experiences we can share and grow together.
I am available to travel overseas to bring you the teachings of the technique of ThetaHealing™ and further my relations and knowledge outside of New Zealand.  If you would like the opportunity to assist me with the co-ordination of an event then contact me for more details.

Hosting within New Zealand

If you would like to learn this technique yourself and bring a new awareness to interested people in your town or city, this may be an opportunity for yourself in assisting me in co-ordinating the event.  There’s a few requirements and some benefits to you with partial scholarship for your participation.

My commitment is to help awaken the Master within.  People who want to remember who they really are. People who feel a deep sense on a spiritual , emotional, physical and mental level. This amazing modality will bring out many High Masters that are on the Earth at this time to make a difference.


If you would like to know what I can offer you, contact me today on

021 826 672 or 03 339 6406.