What If I Bare My Soul ?

by Sarndra Fowler


If I strip down to my bareness,
And share the secrets held close to my heart
Touch on the inner wisdom, I carry from many worlds.
That you may be in awe of the beauty of this Oneness,
As I.

What do I have to fear, my love?
What would it be that I should be so afraid?
Is it, that I may be consumed in the depths?

As I face this fear and acknowledge my humanness
it is not you I fear –
It is I..

I turn to face, for protection of my soul,
With openness to receive, what it is I wish to share.
It is Love.

That the Love of His Gracious
behold, is within me.
Walks by my side. I am not alone!
I am not separate.
There is nothing to fear, nothing to loose.
If I bare my soul in the presence of Our Divine.
I am with One.

All of what I want to be..
All of who I am.

You and I,
We are One.