Have We Forgotten How to Sleep Well?

Do you Have Difficulty in Going to Sleep or Wake During the Night?

What if the solution was a quick and simple step away from gaining a better nights sleep.

Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to master going off to sleep. Just like a baby!

Conscious Breathing

Continue with the practice.  The more we bring to our awareness conscious breathing, the better we

can gain benefits in other areas too. During the day we can be mindful of this practice to help improve levels of stress. To begin lets focus on our sleep pattern.

Mother Earth

Drawing from Mother Earth energy brings an awareness of nourishment and vitality. Balance and well-being. From the moment of our conception and the need for loving care in the tender years.

It is known that the sound of the heart beating soothes a baby.

Let’s imagine that we can feel connected to the heartbeat and rhythm of Mother Earth and we are going to use focus thought and breath to bring us a more peaceful and contented sleep.

Step One.

In a comfortable position, take a few breaths in and out. Imagine yourself as light and on a breath out go down through the bottom of your feet into Mother Earth. On a breath in coming up through

your body and back again. Do this a few times to get a feel of the sensation and relax into a slower breathing pace. Feel the tingly warmth fill your body.

Step Two. 

Continue breathing down into Mother Earth, imagine that with each breath in coming to rest at the first chakra, breath out. Then breath in to the second chakra, breath out.

In each breath continue the focus into each of the chakras and repeat if necessary.


Imagine colour in each of the chakra to bring balance and harmony.

Root Chakra – Red

Sacral Chakra – Orange

Solar Plexus – Yellow

Heart – Green

Throat – Turquoise

Third Eye – Indigo blue

Crown –  Violet

If you need to continue for more relaxation you may like to add a simple affirmation.

I found this just a magical way to relax and drop off to sleep..

I wish you joy and happiness