Grief and Sadness

It’s been a sad week –

I understand that death is  a part of the circle of life – but with death, can also come feelings of loss, regret, guilt, shock.

For some reason, since the beginning of time, feelings of grief and sorrow, sadness and heartache can be overwhelming.

I am aware also that part of me resists these feelings and emotions but at the same time I am reminded that much can be learned and treasured from this experience.

With God’s strength and support, I can look into this resistance with heart and from a place of soulfulness and I see something else. I have a realization that there is a pure loving light and many gifts to be borne from the resistance.

I also believe that if thought processes are changed and God’s guidance is sought, a better understanding and appreciation helps in the healing.

In reference to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity –That is, that the existence or significance of one entity is dependent on that of another. This relates to the following

To have had a relationship with our Mum, our Nanna, Betty we can acknowledge that for us:

To know grief we must have also known what it is to have held something so close, it is hard to let it go

To have known sorrow then we must have had Joy.

To know sadness then we must also know what it is to have had happiness.

To have heartache, we must have known what it is to have loved, been in love, and felt love.

With Gratitude, I thank you

Love and blessing with your journey into the after- life Mum

Farewell , farewell, farewell