Exploring Soul Family

Part 1
We each come with a code or vibration that not only affects our personal growth but also the dynamics of the position we are in our family and the wider soul family unit.
Just when our focus was on broadening our own spectrum of light we discover another far greater part of us is in motion.
This influence of who we are and what we do here also connects to numerological, sacred geometrical, astrological, meridian streams.  It’s this code of frequency that blends unique patterns within our individual makeup.  Depending on the position you are in the family unit, each of you, siblings, parents, have a purpose for the greater soul family unit to work on whilst in this plane of existence.
I describe it like feeding back to the home base.  Not all our own soul families  are here on the physical plane, so we represent or have experiences to complete certain tasks, or recognize and release karma, or bring it to flourish.

Have a look at where you are placed in the family unit.  What are the different aspects that you bring in comparison to the roles of the other members?  As an example you may be number three in the family but the other members may be treating you as the eldest.  This also can be seen through what your expectations are of where you are placed in your own family unit along with gender expectations. If we work on ourselves within the areas of love, gratitude, forgiveness, worthiness, then we have the ability to hum our own tune within the pod.