Exploring Soul Family – part 2

The art of humming to your own tune within the pod has its own challenges.  Each family member’s experience is their’s individually, but because we are connected through the DNA, our thoughts, feelings and emotions can become entwined.  That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, because we can learn from their choices in life.  Confusion happens when we start to live the other siblings/parents life, take on responsibilities, or project our beliefs, on to other members.

The soul family is self generated, with many parts of self and reflection to learn from.  We have the capability to be ourselves, but we also have the subconscious capacity, to reflect, not only positive, but also negative attributes, of other family members, past and present.

There is no relief in creating distance or ignorance as the energetic connection is never broken.  There are opportunities within the family, to have realization for your own personal growth.  To go beyond the perimeter of your own being, to be able hum your own tune, without your light being filtered in any way.  The journey starts long before your entrance into the world.  There is a far greater reason for why you are here.  To evolve within the soul family and beyond into wider groups of counsel.