Elderhood – A Longing for the Forgotten

I had an incredible experience in Bali and really want to share this with you.

Stephen Jenkinson – Griefwalker


At The Foot of the World Tree Withered

In a world away from the hustle and bustle of society
comes a man who’s ability to story tell compels the listener with the enchantment of mystery and grief.
He lives a rich full life, and is a witness to those who journey the end of life, in which he expresses with such sincerity, it whittles away at the very core of your being.
Rendering your thoughts, beliefs to further ponder the very beginning of life itself.
Some questions arose within me pertaining to life, dying and world relations.
Has globalization seeped into our home, minimizing our
worthiness and values to a shallow existence?
Cultures are in disperse.
Scattered and discontent within family.
Where are our Elders. 
Do we have the time or know-how to fulfil this role. Are the young who seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding, supported.
Does our community structure have the welfare of families in need met or feel overshadowed by ‘the rules’ that we turn a blind eye.
So much more, that stirred the limitations of my mind.
I came away with some understanding of why I have a sense of longing. Like the hunter and gatherer, my basket was full.  A strong desire to go home and share with family and friends.
My quest to search for a lost story, quenched by Stephen’s words.
That the withering tree is a canopy of shelter provided by those who have gone before, are forever in our midst.
Then he leaves with a simple plead; that we continue harmoniously in co-existence with Mother Nature herself.
The one who sustains us all.
If you wish to know more about Stephen them go to https://orphanwisdom.com/

Orphan Wisdom – Stephen Jenkinson

Stephen is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house and learning house for the skills of deep living and making human culture. It is rooted in knowing history, being claimed by ancestry, working for a time ​yet to come.