A Guiding light

Co-creating your death journey 
The modern world has gradually drifted away from the traditional ways of caring for the dying and the deceased at home. The transition period from life to death can be overwhelming for all concerned. Some people find it very hard to talk about death or avoid the subject per chance this may not happen to them. Inevitably the nature of life is a cycle of transformation.

The professional services have positioned themselves to make all the necessary arrangements and care for the dying and deceased in order to help run things smoothly and timely which may not suit everybody’s needs.

Often families feel disempowered or fall into the pattern of medical intervention catering for a physical illness when the mental, emotional and spiritual needs are just as important. This can lead to feeling disconnected from the fundamental structure within the family. Being more informed could give us peace of mind and the freedom to choose what we would like to have happen at the time around our death.

I like to encourage a more natural approach with an open mind to bringing families ideas and their traditions to the fore. Advice for care of the deceased at home and create a very personal send-off which can be very beneficial in the bereavement process.

Assist in liaising with all professional services.

Final Wishes
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Final Wishes is a document designed to give loved ones an indication of your personal choices, it also includes relevant details to assist family and loved ones in the event of your death.



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