Birth / Death and the significance in between

Welcome to a new day.
In my observation during these last few weeks I believe that, entry and exit in life have similarities in the many levels of existence.
With the birth of a newborn there’s anticipation and excitement. On the other end of life where death often comes far too soon, it also is a time of celebration of life and new beginnings.
New beginnings, not only for the departed soul but for those whose lives continue on in the physical realm.

Let’s consider, the brief moment of entrance into the world and exit out of this world.
A depth, within the pause between each breath we take, can bring a realization of the importance of life.
During each breath, I want you to imagine your life flashing in front of you.
Imagine that ‘time’ can stand still.
Take a while and consider, what is important to you right now.
It is during these pauses or flashes or windows within the creative energy of our Divine, that we can touch on the paramount significant meaning in our life.

There’s so much to see and learn and many pathways to choose through our life.
If we remember, with each breath, the important things that matter are right there, within.
For us to reflect upon and centre our focus on the true significance in-between.

With Gratitude and Blessings