Balancing the Milk Jug

Dear friends,

Being married to a farmer, having a large family and balancing management on a Dairy farm unit of 750 cows has its challenges.
We’ve had our up’s and down’s with the milk price, which has given us opportunities to become more resourceful and prioritize.  At present we are in our busy time, during the calving period, where all hands on deck, make light work, and will be over before we know it.  The appreciation we have of rural living, far out ways the bad hair days. Though I might add, getting to this point took a bit of hard sweat and tears!

Along the way I’ve learnt about all the operational aspects of farming and management, Dave and I have a close relationship working and living 24/7 together.  We agreed very early that what happened on the farm stayed on the farm!  Sometimes easier said than done, but the communication level can be quite different out on the field.  I had to learn, not to take things personally, when yelled at for being in the wrong spot at the wrong time, when drafting cattle.
I chuckle to myself now, how in my younger, enthusiastic days I’d be out in the rain, wind and hail, and then racing home to cook and provide all the good essentials to the family. I think time management would have been my forte in those days!  I often wondered too, back then, if I would ever be able to step out of my gumboots, not be on call for this and that, and take on another more dominant interest.

This inner calling, just kept knocking at door, so to speak.  I wanted to expand further, which meant leaving the comforts of farm life to concentrate more fully on where my heart and passion lay.  I feel I’ve done a full circle, that in a sense I never left, that rather, I learnt more about myself.  Life just continued on the farm, the cows calved, the milk went in the vat and so forth.

What was I trying to prove?  Was it man versus woman? Equality? Acceptance? Self-worth? Confidence? Expression? Value? Can others do just as well without me?   All of it!

I learnt that I didn’t have to prove anything at all.  I don’t know when exactly, it happened, it just evolved, with one step at a time, lots of talking and nurturing, loving and respect. That I can be my own individual person and still be a good wife, a mother, a farmer, and all of who I am.

If you feel in some way pulled in a direction that is close to heart, I encourage you to look deep at what may be holding you back.  We often create a subconscious belief,  put in road blocks, or feel, that we are needed by others or should do things a certain way,. It over rides our purpose.  Remember our subconscious is not always looking after the highest and best for us!
I wish you happiness.