Advanced DNA 2

The Advanced ThetaHealing™ course expands on the information you have learnt on the Basic DNA 2. This is an opportunity to practice your skills while learning more about clearing old resentments, vows and commitments.  Receive hundreds of downloads of positive feelings from the Creator of All That Is, that will clear blockages on all levels. Learn a deeper understanding of the seven planes of existence. This is a fantastic time to heighten your psychic abilities and have a fun-filled 3 days.

Course Topics include:

  • Understanding the Seven Planes
  • Experience the different planes and how to work with them
  • Repair the “broken soul” exercise
  • Sending love to “The baby in the Womb”
  • Release fears, resentments, rejection and regrets
  • Connect to your higher self
  • Intuitively meet your ancestors
  • And much more

Investment: NZ $680 (early bird discount: $620 if enrolled and deposit paid within 21 days of start date)

Deposit: $170

Class time: 9am – 5pm

Course material includes:  Advanced DNA 2 book, manual, Certificate on completion.  Morning/Afternoon Tea provided.  Lunch is not provided.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA  2

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