A Shift of Energy

Dear Friends,

We often use terminology such as process, transformation, change, enlightenment, to have a deeper awareness.
Some time ago, I questioned why I was feeling a little different, like something had shifted.. There was  a stage of thinking, what is going on? why don’t I feel the same?

During that time, ideas, other inspirations formed, creative writing.  Other activites and work continued quite nicely.

In reflection time, I wondered what had shifted.
I had overlooked an important aspect of integration with energy!
It had processed, transformed, changed, enlightened, with a deeper awareness.
In actual fact, it was always there.  It had become part of who I am, no separation.

Energy can be an instantaneous surge and continue, as energy can be transferred or converted.
That we transform, enhance, or bring out, what is already there.
We have the ability to create our own reality. Energy is in all things. The outer influences we seek, process and merge with what’s inside.  The more light you bring in, the brighter you will shine.
You may feel somewhat changed because of this new energy, however, you had all the dreams and desire there, you just needed the spark to ignite the fire within.

Energy healing can bring a deeper awareness, liven up and turn your dreams into reality.

I wish you happiness and joy.