A Poem – The Authentic Self

I have a desire to migrate home
There’s a rocking back and fro
Into the unknown, at times further beyond
In this place, there are divine symbols
Though, I may think otherwise
Again it rocks me to and fro.

I feel vulnerable, like a wave in the ocean,
fierce with passion, hungry and wild
Pounding with endless emotions
It draws and challenges.

I seek courage to acknowledge
It transforms
As I breathe in unison with the lifeforce
Immerse into the depths of self
There is a quickening
A burst of recognition
Of my truth and authenticity
I have migrated
to the origin of source
I am present.
This has been inspired after attending a 2 day workshop at Potent Horse Coaching –
Connecting with your Authentic Self
I am very grateful to a wonderful facilitator Ingrid Gunby for her deep
knowing and understanding.
That in the time spent with connection with my chosen horse, in conversation or exchange
I feel humbled and content.