3 Ways To Happiness – How To Enrich Your Life


1. Gratitude

2. Inspiration                                  

3. Self-care

Gratitude has brought many changes into my life. I have always been appreciative in my daily routine, however when I started recently publishing an appreciation post on my facebook page, I noticed a difference. Now I too, have my opinions of social media, for some reason, good things started to happen. It may be that I was making the commitment to have more gratitude.

Let the universe hear what it is you appreciate. The more you put it out there, the more it will bring for you to appreciate. Start a gratitude journal. The more I looked within and around in my life to have gratitude for, the more I could see.  

When you meet a friend or anyone for that matter, leave them with an inspiration. Ask yourself; do I feel inspired when I am with this person? You’ll find that when you share and encourage others, people will be drawn to your energy. You will attract other inspirational people to you!
Knowledge is great to have, but if you share and inspire others then it opens up many doorways to opportunities, friendship and room for more inspirations to come your way. People love to hear new ideas to improve themselves.
Have you got to the end of the day and find it hard to think about what you’ve done for yourself today? I have found in the past that New Year resolutions have dropped away – especially when it comes to diet.  Or with great intentions to start a new thing and I loose interest.
I started a journal on appreciating myself. I placed a photo at the beginning of this as well. Every day I’ll write ( I love writing) a little blurb on what I’ve done for myself. It’s starting to take on a little theme but may change along the way.
Honour your body – include in your daily meditation – an acknowledgement of your body systems. It will bring you to where you need to focus on.  Listen to your body.
Have fun. Laughter is good for the heart and soul.
I wish you Happiness and Joy