If we started our day with kindness to self and others, imagine what amazing changes would take place around us.

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Welcome to Sarndra Fowler’s site for personal transformation and life change guidance

Sarndra acknowledges the learning experiences from being a Teacher and Practitioner in the ThetaHealing technique which began in 2012.  It became a personal journey for self-awareness and spiritual growth. During that period, reflection of her childhood, own birth experiences and supporting her own children during pregnancy and childbirth gave her a hands on approach while writing her e-book The Sacred Journey.

As with the nature of life is end of life, being alongside a person who is dying, came to the forefront. It opened the door toward helping people and/or their family going through a time of sadness from loss or their own journey to death.

The Final Wishes was compiled by experiencing the misinterpretation of a family member’s wishes which led to doubtful decision making. She encourages conversation about dying, death and care of the deceased.

This has led to further study by undertaking courses for Celebrant training. Initially to be a Funeral Celebrant and more recently to officiate Marriage and Civil Union.


The Sacred Journey

The concept of ‘The Sacred Moment’ has evolved through Sarndra’s intuitive insight into a symbolic meditational tool to connect to the yet-to-be born child’s consciousness. Support and guidance is offered to expectant mothers, enabling connection with the new life they have brought into being.

Manifesting Doula, one who supports and encourages the mother to be. new mothers are guided in developing confidence and peace throughout pregnancy and birthing. Holding this compassionate presence beyond time and place, Sarndra eases the child’s journey into this world.

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