The Creative Energy flows within anyone who chooses to connect … Learning in the process that peace and deep awareness are already within

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Welcome to Sarndra Fowler’s site for personal transformation and life change guidance

Sarndra Fowler is an intuitive and personal transformation guide, from Leeston in the South Island of New Zealand. She offers a lifetime of experience in helping clients reach a place of peace, awareness and acceptance.

While Sarndra’s method draws on the ThetaHealing™ technique, it is her unique cultural and spiritual lineage that forms the basis of her vision for the potential in universal wisdom, to heal and transform the human psyche through shifting energetic patterns of physical, emotional and spiritual expression.

Sarndra’s spiritual and cultural heritage is a blend of Pacific Island and European. Growing up as an adopted child of a loving New Zealand family, her deep sense of purpose for a life as a compassionate guide and intuitive witness was validated on learning of her Tahitian and Cook Island ancestors’ deep spiritual connection.

Why I choose this pathway

It’s who I am in every way, having purpose and a deep faith that the Pure Energy of Light is ours to tap into. I get a sense of satisfaction in assisting others and believe my life purpose is to help make a difference. I believe if we shifted our focus toward improving our own relationship with ourselves, we would have the power to change the world around us. All external transformation begins by making changes to the internal patterns of belief we operate by on a daily basis, consciously and unconsciously.

One to one sessions

If you would like some direction or clarity with a personal situation then a good place to start is with a one hour session. You may have a relationship issue, a health problem or a more general question about your life direction.

Sarndra facilitates personal transformation first by observing the layers of energy within the auric field, then, by allowing a shift in those patterns of thought and action in accordance with the client’s aims.

Having an intention for what you wish to cover during the session is beneficial. The Universe is within you to create your own reality.

Distant readings are available by phone or skype.

Intuitive Birth Guide – The Sacred Moment

The concept of ‘The Sacred Moment’ has evolved through Sarndra’s intuitive insight into a symbolic meditational tool to connect to the yet-to-be born child’s consciousness. Support and guidance is offered to expectant mothers, enabling connection with the new life they have brought into being.

Manifesting Doula, The One Who Mothers the Mother, new mothers are guided in developing confidence and peace throughout pregnancy and birthing. Holding this compassionate presence beyond time and place, Sarndra eases the child’s journey into this world.

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